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"You were given a tongue - if it doesn't taste right - then spit it out... to US!"
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Here is another site to look out for! They use "Bait & Switch Tactic's" to get your credit card!

Don't be deceived by the following website!


This is an email I personally received today!

----- Original Message -----
From: discreet_funs22@email.com
To: (Sent to me!)
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 4:14 PM
Subject: Response to your personal ad

Hi...I'm 35, brown hair, very petite, married 15 years....my husband travels extensively, and is seldome home. Not too sure how far I will want to go since I've never done this before. But I would really like to meet a discreet man who would like to get together one or two afternoons a week to share a sensual massage. Like I said, I would want to play it slow and see how it goes, but I think this could be fun for both of us, and break up the rut my life is in.  If you think this might be something you are interested in, you can check out my picture and profile at www.adultclassifieds2000.com and we can take it from there....

NOTE: You will notice (she?) didn't even give me her username!!! (No way to locate her anyway!)

When I followed up on this email at the address given, I went through several nude pages showing women who showed mostly everything. Then if I wanted to continue, I was to sign up to get my personal CyberSex Network ID. On the ID page, it showed where I was to put all my personal information down, like my real name and address etc. Just below that, there was an area to place my credit card information. In this area they were wanting to charge me $29.95 !!!  Click Here to view what I saw!

Of course, I did not fill in any of those spaces! However, when I attempted to hit by "Back Button" to go from that page into another, a "Pop-Up" came up on my monitor offering me a Three Day Trial for only $1.95 !!! But when you read all the print... you will find that after the Three Day Trial "expires", that your credit card will be charged for $19.95!!!  Click Here to view what I saw!

You may always do what you want, but our advice is NOT to use sites that use "Bait & Switch" tactic's to lure you in, and take you for the ride of your life! At least the life... of your credit card that is!

Let this be another lesson for you!
Educate Yourself, and Use Caution - NOT Ignorance!

The Consumer Abuse - Protection Agency realizes that filling out forms in length is time consuming and can be at times very stressful, only to find at the end, that all is for nothing unless you PAY FIRST... and then start all over again! This is NOT the legitimate and fair way to do business with the public, and therefore we are here to receive and verify your complaints and to put our results on our special media reports to be exposed for public review.

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C. A. P. A. is a division of Royal*Star Productions, and is primarily a web based reporting agency!
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