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Love@aol - by Match.com

"You were given a tongue - if it doesn't taste right - then spit it out... to US!"
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Problem Site - Currently Being Investigated by C.A.P.A.

love@aol - by match.com
(Match.com Formally... American Singles?)

A Paradox of Transitions!

Some of the tactic's used by these sites are as follows:

What used to be... One Outstanding Site:

Love@aol.com  (It's FREE to email a response, and very easy to navigate.) It offers an email address of the person who placed the "Personal Ad" (without actually having to contact them through the web site), as well as a variety of information about them. We highly recommend and suggest that Love@aol.com is the site to use if you want to side-step any of the funny business, as found on other alike sites.

Things have NOW changed!    love@aol... and match.com... currently merged awhile back!
Trouble ahead... What they didn't tell you was... You will NOW have to "PAY" for what once was FREE!

From what information we were able to obtain... AOL sold it's email addresses to Match.com and Match.com had everybody Re-Sign-Up there... and I mean all over again! The way AOL/Match.com's email read, it was telling you that you were simply being transferred! Transferred... BULL! I myself had to re-apply adding all the text to my complete Personal all over again. It was just a sly move by AOL and Match.com to get you there! Everyone was fooled practically, but when all the consumers finally got their Personals moved to Match.com, ALL THE CONSUMERS FOUND that NOW they HAD to become PAID members (without being told first) in order to continue with what originally... was FREE!

As you may have guessed, things have NOW-CHANGED-AGAIN!  MSN has become involved, and the links to what used to be AOL at Match.com has changed, and is now supported by MSN and MSN now links to Match.com !!!

Whew! What a mess of confussion! A low price to join you ask? NO... Starts out with $24.99 for the first month of use, and goes on from there! We feel they really did the consumer in with all that mess!

What can I say? Again, "Whew!" What people will do for the dollar!!!!!!!!!!

A word of advice: "You better watch your back! No one else will."

In your best interest, it is our future intention to place special links to our site, on websites such as CNET.COM Internet Services, and other Major Internet Service Networks.

We at the Consumer Abuse - Protection Agency realize that filling out forms in length is time consuming and can be at times very stressful, only to find at the end, that all is for nothing unless you PAY FIRST! This is NOT the legitimate and fair way to do business with the public, and therefore we are here to receive and verify your complaints and to put our results on our special media reports and exposed for public review.

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C. A. P. A.  is a division of Royal*Star Productions, and is primarily a web based reporting agency!
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