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C.A.P.A.  on Meet-Net.Com  "It NOW Bites the Dust!"

 Meet-Net.Com  Leaves you hanging... after they're paid!!!
(Your Lifetime Premier Membership?)  A One-Time Fee of $12.95 ???


Last year, (10-17-2001) In response to our very first investigation... we have received only one complaint about Meet-Net.com and it deals with a Spam Email received by a consumer who ultimately contacted us. In response, we contacted the CEO of the web site Meet-Net.com and requested a few answers. The conclusion given was that the Spam Email problem was the failed attempt by a over zealous person who evidently joined Meet-Net.com's "Affiliate Program" and began sending out his own "un-business like advertising email" in Meet-Net's behalf, and had profoundly done this without the expressed permission of Meet-Net.com! The CEO of  Meet-Net.com assured us that he would track down this person and put a stop to this type of email nonsense immediately! At this point, we now consider this situation to be resolved.

Considering The Overall Site as of Febuary 17th 2003:

We have concluded that the dating site call "Meet-Net.Com" has went out of business and literally left everyone one who paid for a life time membership hanging!

Our only reccomendation for you is to contact them yourself - and personally ask them "why" they left everyone so stranded, with out any reason, explaination, or refund.

Contact information for Meet-Net.Com is not available at this time, but will place it here when we find it.

That's all for this site at the moment.


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C. A. P. A. is a division of Royal*Star Productions, and is primarily a web based reporting agency!
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